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  • What is Loose Laces?
    Loose Laces have a variety is services. pre-owned or new shoe reseller, Shoe cleaning and shoe sourcing. The shoe sourcing and shoe cleaning are only UK based but shoes reselling is international.
  • Can I give you an offer?
    This is feature we are currently working on at Loose Laces but soon you will be able to give an offer if you think a price is better suited for a pair of shoes. At the moment do feel free to send us a email with a link of the shoe with your offer price in the email. Another way for you to send an offer is by going to our eBay where you can send an offer. eBay:
  • What are the future plans for Loose Laces?
    Future plans for Loose Laces are Opening a shop, Authentication service, We buy any shoes services and possible pre owned clothing line.
  • How do I get a refund?
    Go to the contact us page and request a refund. Just email us your product code and what shoes you bought and we will mail you a label and packaging to which you send the shoes back and you get your refund.
  • Do you sell shoe care accesories?
    Loose Laces does not sell shoe care accesories but we do own a company called Pumps Utopia that does sell a range of shoe care accesoires.
  • What other platforms do you sell on?
    Etsy - eBay - (We sell other random things here) Amazon -
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