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Welcome to Loose Laces. At Loose Laces, we are a second-hand shoe seller hand designer shoes refurbished to an almost new standard. The prices will always be cheaper than brand new and will look just as good as the new version. Everything we sell if real and genuine unless said overwise. 

When you buy shoes from us we make sure it gets sent to you the same day or following day with a tracking code. Your shoes will always be neatly packed in one of our shoe boxes or if we are fortunate enough to have the designer box than you will get the shoes in the original designer shoe box. You will also get one free shoe cleaners to have your shoes professionally cleaned later on in life.

We will also clean your shoes. If you go to the shoe cleaners page you will find a quote where you can get the perfect clean for your shoes as a fix guaranteed quote. We did this to make it easy and efficient for you to get your shoes cleaned. If you choose to go ahead then you can send your shoes to us. We will then get straight to work on your shoes cleaning them to a high standard. During the process, we will keep you updated via your member's page so you know exactly how your shoes are doing. We will clean your shoes as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining a high standard of professionalism to your shoes. Once done we will send the shoes back to you.

Loose Laces wanted to modernize the shoe cobbler industry with up to date technology to makes the process efficient for you. That is exactly what we have succeeded at. 

Shoe Polish


Our cleaning service give the chance to have your shoes professionally cleaned. The team will use professional shoe cobbler techniques to ensure your shoes get cleaned and get them fresh and sharp ready to be worn. We understand that shoes are made to be worn and get used on a daily basis and will clean your footwear no matter what. 

Shoe sourcing

We can help find a pair of shoes for you. A lot of shoes are limited edition and rare so we offer a shoe sourcing to help hunt for the pair you have been searching for. It can be for any reason you can use this as you may be busy, unsure of where to look, don't have the connections or would rather just get someone else to do it and that is all fine.

Shoe shop
Kids Shoes in Cupboard


We will update you with what is going on within the shoe industry as well as sneaker releases. Shoe News operates on a weekly basis with news and blogs related to the latest shoe industry info. We also gather all release dates so you can tell when certain pumps are being released so you can be ready to grab them up.


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Pumps Utopia

Loose Laces own a company called Pumps Utopia which sell shoe care accessories. These accessories are designed to keep your pumps / shoes in the best condition possible. 

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