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Water repel by Pumps Utopia is designed to make your shoes  shower proof from rain and splashes. All you have to do is cover your pumps with this spray from our 250ml bottle, leave for five minutes and wipe off and repeat which will add a coat of repellent making your shoes shower proof. We have design it to be bottled and not aerosol so you can get plenty of use of pure made repellent and no other ingrediants mixed in and having it bottled makes aiming easier as you get the most out of every spray of our Pumps Utopia water repel and it will last longer. 


What is water repel?
Pumps Utopia water repel is a repel liqua which which once sprayed onto the shoes can make them repel water which means that any drops of liquid does not no what to do and will simply roll off the shoes

How to use them?
With your 250ml bottle all you have to do is spray a layer all over your shoes and leave it for five minutes followed by wiping any access off. Repeat that and then your shoes are now fully shower proof. It really easy that is

Why do I need them?
It is to keep your shoes shower proof which keeps them dry on walks.


Why buy from Pumps Utopia?
Pumps Utopia are true sneaker heads who understand the anoyyance of water marks or dampness from the environment. We have made a great product to solve that problem and want to help make your shoes last longer. 

Water repel / repellent spray 250ml by Pumps Utopia

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