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Shoe wipes by Pumps Utopia are to keep your sneakers clean while on the go. When wearing your pumps, you can never determine how to day will go which i'm sure you are fully aware of can make your trainers dirty. None of us like that and like to keep our shoes clean and for that reason is why Shoe wipes is a reasonable choice. Designed to be small and descreet so it can fit in your packet or hide in your bag out of the way and decent size wipes to be able to grab a decent amount of dirt off your shoes. It really is designer to grab dirt off your shoes to keep your sneakers clean while on the go.


How many wipe per pack?
You get 12 high moisture wipes per pack which helps keep the packaging small and descrete

Why should I use shoe wipes?
Our shoe wipes are design to have extra moisture to grab up dirt off your sneakers and also leaving a nice finish with zero streaks from the wipes so it will never be visible that shoe wipes was used to keep your sneakers clean

Why do I need them?
Lots of sneakers get creases and our guards will help hide those crease on and off your feet. If you have new sneakers then the guards will help prevent any crases from happening


Why buy from Pumps Utopia?
Pumps Utopia are true sneakers head who understands the reasons of depth people go to keep their sneakers looking fresh. It is really anoying when you have a great choice of clothing and the best sneakers in the game to fisnih it off but then the invitable happens and dirt gets on your pumps. It does not like tidy at all which is where Pumps Utopia shoe wipes can comein handy.

Shoe wipes pack of 12 by Pumps Utopia

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