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Shoe guards by Pumps Utopia are designed to decrease and protect your shoes. Alot of sneakers tend to get creased after some wear and to help get rid of that crease or atleast hide them is where Pumps Utopia Shoe guards come in. These guards will add a skeleton like structure on the inside of your shoes to hold everything in place to keep it's shape. The extra mile has been taken into consideration on the fact that alot of us do wear our pumps and for that we have added a simple yellow coating of gel to add comfort to your feet.

Size chart:
Small - 35 - 40 EU
Large -  40 - 45 EU

Small - Size 2 to 7.5 UK
Large – Size 7.5 to 12 UK


What are shoe guards?
Shoe guards are simply a skeleton like structure to add stability and shape to your sneakers

How to use them?
Each guard is mark with a L for your left shoe and R for right the right shoe. You just simply slide them into the correct shoe and that is it.

Why do I need them?
Lots of sneakers get creases and our guards will help hide those crease on and off your feet. If you have new sneakers then the guards will help prevent any crases from happening



Why buy from Pumps Utopia?
You are buying a high quality product in every aspect of the brand. These shoe guards are fully tested to see it's durability and packged within the UK meaning there is no drop shipping. There is a full garantee on the product and Pumps Utopia are true sneaker heads so there is a full understanding of what is and isnt required. 
There is also other little details within the company such as packaing. As of yet we can't make the guards a recycled product but hopefully in future we can however these products are being used daily so it is not goign to land fill. However packaging does go to landfill so we have decided to make the packaging environmetally friendly to prevent waste. This also helps with the price being cheaper so it is a win win.

Shoe guards by Pumps Utopia

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