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Welcome to Loose Laces, where we specialize in professional shoe cleaning services. Whether your shoes have accumulated dirt from a leisurely stroll, endured scuffs from work or a night out, or have been stored away for too long and are in need of rejuvenation, we've got you covered. We take on shoes of any level of dirtiness and restore them to a pristine condition, ready to be worn again.


Our Services:

  • Deep Clean: Choose between our steam clean or brush clean options, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process for your shoes.

  • Premium Clean: Experience the ultimate care for your shoes with our premium clean service. We'll employ either a steamer or brush, refreshing the soles and addressing any sun damage on white soles. If necessary, we can also dye your shoes and provide a professional polish. Any required glue work will be taken care of, and we'll make every effort to preserve your existing laces. If needed, we can replace them with new ones.

  • Leather Clean: For your leather shoes, we use specially formulated lotions and apply a meticulous hand-polishing technique. If your shoes are suede, we'll expertly revitalize their appearance.

  • Bulling: Bulling your shoes is a meticulous and time-consuming process. Let us handle it for you, ensuring a flawless shine that will impress.


What We Accept: We accept shoes affected by dirt, liquid spills, and various substances, including bodily fluids and blood. We understand the importance of privacy and assure you that all information shared with us remains strictly confidential. We never disclose details to anyone.


What We Don't Accept: We clean anything and everything. However, out of respect, we kindly request that if your shoes have bodily fluids or blood stains, you make an effort to remove the worst of it before sending them to us.


Experience the transformation of your beloved shoes at Loose Laces. Trust us to provide exceptional cleaning services that breathe new life into your footwear.

Shoe cleaners

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